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The Fixed fee Revolution

All estate agents claim to be different. Yet they all do business in much the same way they did fifteen years ago, charging around 2.5% of the purchase price to sell your home. With the explosion of property prices in recent years that now means a £37,500 bill to sell a £1.5 million property. That's a lot of your money going into their pockets.

At Harper Finn, we don't think that's fair. After all, our job is now easier than it was in the past with 98% of buyers using the internet so there's no need for plush high street showrooms. So we've changed the model. Instead of charging a percentage we charge a fixed fee. That means you know exactly how much your fees will be no matter how much you sell your property for.

It also means that you get to keep a lot more of your money:

property valueConventional estate agent fee (2%)Harper Finn fixed feeYou save
£1 million£25,000£9,999£15,001
£1.5 million£37,000£9,999£27,501
£2 million£50,000£9,999£40,001
£3 million£75,000£9,999£65,001

We think it's a better way to sell your home and more and more Chiswick residents agree. Harper Finn is now responsible for 8% of all properties sold in Chiswick and that number is growing every year.

Harper Finn offers a smarter way to sell your Chiswick property. W4y Smarter.

100% Recomended by our clients - according to the Ombudsmen survey
83% of all our new business comes from existing customer recommendation
Clients have saved over £1,000,000 in agents fees
Short-listed as 'Estate Agent of the Year'