The rise of the home gym

Sep 5th 2020

For those who decided to make the most of their own home and garden during lockdown, there have been a few favoured activities and home additions that have taken the nation by storm.

UK comparison site Compare By Review looked into some of the most searched-for terms during lockdown with some interesting results. Home gyms have taken many of us by storm with an impressive 60k searches this March compared to around 10k searches during the same month last year, which is a huge increase.

Pizza ovens have proven to be a popular choice, being searched for 246k times during the peak of May, a huge rise when compared to last Mays total of 74k searches. The ever-popular BBQ was still a sure-fire winner amongst us Brits with 673k searches during May compared to last May, with a still impressive 201k searches.

•  Road bikes were still a popular choice with an impressive increase from 21k during May 2019 to 165k searches during May this year.

•  For those of us who enjoy more relaxing activities adult colouring books proved to be a popular search term with a huge increase from 12k in 2019 to 110k during March this year!

•  Painting and crafts were key lockdown activities, rising from almost 15k searches during April 2019 to 246k this April.

Finally, the rise in searches for the perfect banana bread recipe peaked at 1 million searches in April compared to 165k in April 2019, proving that many of us turned into bakers during the 2020 lockdown summer.