Simple ways to storm-proof your home

Feb 18th 2020

Storm Dennis caused damage to property and trees in Chiswick last weekend and although the storm has passed, according to the Met Office, there is further wet and windy weather to come this week.

If a storm hits and leaves your property damaged, what are the next steps? And how should you prepare for future storms? You can limit the amount of damage by following these precautionary measures:

•  Check your roof for any loose tiles or damaged chimney pots. Make sure they are repaired, and that your TV aerial is properly secured.
•  Make sure all your bushes and trees are trimmed back so debris doesn’t fly into your windows and other glass.
•  Clear out your gutters – you don’t want leaves creating any blockages.
•  Park your car in a garage if possible – if you don’t have a garage, make sure it’s not sitting underneath any trees.

If you know a storm is coming, unplug any electrical devices that aren’t necessary. That way, if lightning strikes, you won’t have damage from a power surge.

If you suspect a tree near your property is dead, dying or dangerous, report it to your local authority, London Borough of Hounslow or Ealing Council. The policy is not to remove healthy trees.

Read some further tips on what do I do when a storm arrives and what to do afterwards.