Average house price in London by floor space

Aug 16th 2019

Londoners spend much of their lives in cramped spaces – on heaving platforms, packed tubes, busy pavements or in crowded pubs and restaurants. So when they get home, it’s understandable that they’d want some space to spread out.

Unfortunately, many Londoners have to live in cramped homes too. If you live in the capital and you want to maximise space for your rent or mortgage, this Big Borough infographic can help you find a flat, house, bungalow or maisonette where you can stretch your legs.

Attic self-storage has trawled through a number of government datasets relating to the average house prices in London boroughs, as well as the average floor areas of properties, to figure out which boroughs offer the most space for your money. If you know you’re looking for a flat rather than a house, the data is broken down for different types of property.

Big in the ‘burbs
Unsurprisingly, you’ll usually get more space the further out you get from the centre of town. Far out west, leafy Richmond upon Thames has the biggest homes, averaging at a whopping 100m2 on average. Neighbouring Kingston upon Thames also offers an average floor space of 93m2. Spacious homes on other peripheries include Bromley to the south (95m2), Havering (86m2) to the east and Barnet (87m2) northwards.

Made in Chelsea
London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea is home to the capital’s second-largest houses by floor space, averaging 96m2, and its well-to-do neighbours in Westminster (87m2) and Hammersmith and Fulham (80m2) also have pretty sizeable homes.

North v South – less space in the inner city
The more central you go, the lower the average floor space. Islington has the smallest homes on the list (69m2) and the inner-city areas of Camden (74m2), Hackney (72m2), Tower Hamlets (70m2) and Brent (73m2) are also all relatively small. It’s notable that all these areas are north of the river.

Head south of the Thames and homes in the inner city tend to be a little more spacious – Lambeth (73m2), Southwark (73m2) Lewisham (74m2) and Wandsworth (86m2) for example. So if you want to stay relatively close to the heart of the action but want more floor space, look south.

Read the full report to access the ‘average cost per square metre’ throughout London.