What would Del Boy’s Peckham pad cost today?

Jul 1st 2019

New research reveals how some of British TV’s most iconic homes would be valued across England in today’s market. The data reveals a rather sizeable disparity in housing prices across the nation for the cost of the same property, from the most expensive area in the heart of Chelsea (SW3), to the cheapest in Newcastle’s satellite towns.

Del Boy Trotter’s flat from Only Fools & Horses, situated in Peckham (SE15), would be valued at a current price of £497k, costing £644 per sq. ft. The same three-bed apartment would be worth over £1.3m a few miles down the road in Chelsea (SW3), but only £64k in Newcastle’s cheapest postcode per sq ft, NE17.

In Channel Four’s hit sitcom Peep Show, unlikely pals Mark and Jez’s 808 sq. ft Croydon flat would now cost £360k. However, if it was situated in SW3, London’s most expensive postcode (per sq. ft), it would be worth 4x times that amount, at nearly £1.5m.

In addition to the research, carried out by Attic Self Storage floor plans were created for the properties features in Peaky Blinders, Sherlock, Peep Show as well as Only Fools and Horses, to illustrate how some of TV’s most iconic characters make use of their square footage.

The research aims to raise an interesting question regarding whether people would rather sacrifice floor space to live in a particular area and whether people move specifically in order to get more space for their budget.

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