How smart appliances are transforming kitchens

Jul 8th 2019

Smart technology has been used to enhance and improve a wide range of different kitchen appliances including ovens, fridges, microwaves and more. These smart appliances are more expensive but they are said to offer more, including making more difficult time-consuming jobs, easier.

Smart Ovens 
These ovens look sleek and stylish and offer faster, smoother cooking and heat. Induction hobs cut the risk of accidents as they transfer all the heat to the pans while remaining cool to the touch.

Some smart ovens have built-in thermometers and cameras so you can get a better-than-ever view of your meals without opening the door from an app on your mobile device. Innovative timers shut off the heat when the food is ready.

Smart Washing Machines 
Innovative features include drums that automatically detect the type of load, the amount of dirt/stains etc., and choose the best wash cycle, temperature and level of detergent.

Smart Fridges 
Refined temperature controls mean they can keep food at their optimum temperatures for longer. The best appliances have separate areas for specific foods and some allow you to quickly change from fresh to frozen at the touch of a button.

Glass doors look stylish and allow you to see inside without opening the door, thereby maintaining the temperature.

Smart Microwaves 
Most people have specific uses for their microwave oven, for heating, defrosting and melting etc. And of course, cooking from scratch. With standard microwaves there are limits to what you can accomplish.

Smart microwaves offer faster have additional options. Research from Repair Aid suggests that they give a more authentic taste for a variety of cooking methods, including toasting, grilling and baking.

Other Smart Appliances
These might not be appliances in the traditional sense but they make useful additions to your kitchen. For example, smart eco-friendly recycle bins can quickly convert food into fertiliser. Kitchen thermometer probes can read the temperature of your cooking and can send a signal to your phone so you know when to adjust the food.

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