Do you dress like your interior?

May 4th 2019

New research examines the link between consumers’ fashion style and home interior choices. From curtains to cushions, sofas to throws, almost two thirds of millennials (aged 25-34) in the UK dress their home in the same style as their bodies.

The findings reveal that 67% of renters surveyed place importance on their home reflecting their personal style, a figure that leaps to nearly 75% amongst first-time buyers.

Such is the desire to infuse a sense of personal style into the home, that a direct correlation is seen between consumers replicating their fashion sense into furniture choices, colour schemes and overall interior style, with over half of millennials who dress in a minimal style taking a minimalistic approach to the interior decoration of their homes.

Other findings also indicate that social media now significantly influences how we perceive and style our home interiors, with 71% of first-time buyers feeling pressured to have an ‘insta-worthy’ home. Indeed, 4 in 10 of those surveyed stated that social media has opened their eyes to new ways to style their home, whilst creating enviable ‘insta-inspiration’ for their own followers.

•  Almost half (44%) of millennials have checked a prospective partner’s social media accounts when first dating to find out about their personal style

•  More than half of millennials choose to take their home décor inspiration from social media

•  More than 3 in 5 (63%) agree that their fashion sense influences the way they style their homes

•  2% who take a minimal approach to the way they dress have also decorated their homes in a minimalistic style

•  30% whose fashion style is ‘boho’ also describe their home décor as bohemian

•  A quarter of respondents (25%) who described their personal style as ‘glam’ have also chosen to decorate their home in a glamorous way

•  On average millennials spend £465 a year on interior purchases to update their home

Personal style is about more than just what you wear. Homewares, like fashion, enable you to express your unique style and preferences in colour, pattern and texture in the home often share the same visual principles as fashion choices. All are deeply rooted in a desire for personal expression.

The survey was conducted by Censuswide, on behalf of Argos, polling 2000 UK consumers aged 25-34 ‘millennials’.