3 style tips for mindfullness in your home

Sep 1st 2018

Wellness is at the heart of a happy home and creating a serene, happy space has become a huge interior trend. Combining the best of Scandi comfort and health-focused influences – aromatherapy, colour psychology and lots of plants and greenery.

1. Introduce small, meaningful accessories
When it comes to embracing a happier and productive space, a little goes a long way. The trick is to decorate smart. Go for an instant pick-me-up like scented candles and aroma diffusers for an instant pick-me-up.

Aromatherapy oils can also set the mood with notes like lavender, geranium and ylang ylang to lift your mood and improve cognitive function. For livelier spaces, such as the living or dining room, go with neroli, lavender, sweet orange and rosemary to awaken the senses.

2. Decorate with natural materials and plenty of greenery
Natural homeware and decor are big this year, with rattan pieces and the tropical aesthetic shaping up to be hot summer favourites. Woven rugs, wooden furniture and rattan baskets are ideal picks for this look. They lend a handcrafted appeal that complements the understated, calm tones of the space.

Another mood lifter to consider are indoor plants. Greenery can be key when it comes to promoting productivity and a wellbeing, Succulents and cacti are easy to care for, but for a statement-worthy investment, a terrarium would make a stunning feature piece.

3. Build a calm, energised setting with colours and texture
Taking visual cues from the Hygge craze of the past few years, neutrals can set the mood for a relaxing space. Taupe, ivory and sage lend a sophisticated look that’ll work beautifully for a calm interior. These hues are a great foundation to work with, matching easily with other colours, and can be kept pared back or dressed up depending on your preferences.

Neutral tones are also perfect as a background for more dramatic accent colours. Sunny shades like yellow provide a cheerful burst of creativity, while giving your space charm and personality. When it comes to dialling up the comfort, layer in different textures. Think elements like a plush sofa, soft throws and even a fluffy faux fur rug for a boost in cosiness.

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