Swimming pools, slides and bowling alleys top children’s property wish list

Jul 28th 2018

It is timely that during one of the UK’s hottest summers on record, homes with swimming pools are revealed to top the wish lists of children under 10.

Property portal Share to Buy surveyed one thousand 6 – 10-year olds about their hopes for their future home, focusing on their must-have special features. Almost three-quarters (74%) of participants said they wanted a private swimming pool in their house when they’re older.

Over half of the children surveyed aspired to own a home with a slide which could take them from the top of their property to the bottom, while 35% wanted to live somewhere with a private bowling alley and 30% were after a helipad for their private helicopter.

Other home amenities included ‘a football pitch’, ‘a music room full of musical instruments’ and ‘a ballroom’. The survey also provided an insight into where children hope to live, revealing that 36% hope to live by the seaside, while 26% dream of a country home.

Home-owners by age 30

Additionally, the children would like to get on the property ladder sooner rather than later. Almost two-thirds (65%) of those surveyed said they wanted to be home-owners before the age of 30, while 11% aim to have a mortgage as early as their teens – making them far more optimistic and ambitious than many young adults today.

Nick Lieb, Head of Operations at Share to Buy: “In the past twenty years, the average property price in London has more than quadrupled,* and with no signs of house prices slowing down, it’s now more important than ever to provide affordable housing solutions for future generations.”

Shared ownership offers buyers the opportunity to purchase a percentage share of a property (between 25% and 75% of the home’s full market value) paying a subsidised rent on the remaining share. Buyers can choose to purchase additional shares when they can afford to – also known as ‘staircasing’ – allowing them to own their home outright in due course. The scheme often requires smaller deposits than buying a property on the open market.

To date, the Share to Buy website has received over 250,000 registrations in London and more than 2,100 properties are listed by UK providers of alternative home ownership schemes.

* 1000 6 – 10-year olds in the UK. Survey conducted by One Poll, July 2018