‘Citizen Bird’ box coming to a Chiswick garden near you

Mar 31st 2018

A new bird box is landing in Chiswick and could be coming to you, all thanks to Citizen Bird. It is a project that is going to collect detailed data about British birds and their living habits throughout the country. The initiative, as reported in Richmond & Twickenham Times, aims to produce ‘automated’ wild nest boxes to put in your garden. You can watch the birds nestle into their new homes and maybe even see them lay eggs.

The nest box records information on how the birds live, including nest building, egg laying, chick feeding and fledging, all through a camera installed in the box. However, you can install the Citizen Bird app onto your phone and link it to your box- that way, if any major events happen, the box will send you a notification via your phone.

The box can last for a whole season on four ‘D’ batteries – so no hazardous trailing wires. Citizen Bird is beneficial for young people learning about life cycles, food chains in the W4 area and comparing data from different boxes.

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