Granny annex revolution

Feb 10th 2018

A recent industry report highlighted an estimated demand for 125,000 additional multi-generational homes a year in the UK and quoted that two thirds of people believed the solution to Britain’s ageing population would be to move towards multi-generational living.

With the double whammy of rising property prices and high residential care costs for the elderly, a growing number of down-sizing grandparents are opting for Scandi-style lodges at the bottom of the garden.

Many have recently lost their partners, feel isolated and are beginning to find their existing brick property too large or difficult to maintain. They are keen to move closer to their families for the company and support but still want the freedom of their own roof and front door.

In the last 12 months, Norwegian Log Buildings has seen a sharp rise in demand from pensioners wanting high quality annexes that can be built in their sons’ or daughters’ gardens. In most cases, no planning permission is needed, as the buildings are classed as ‘transportable’. They can be installed and kitted out at a fraction of the price of bricks and mortar options, which can fall foul of planners, and are usually exempt from council tax.

The money saved can pay for retirement, travel, family treats etc. and childcare, gardening or pet sitting can be shared. Prices start from £54,995 and if the family’s circumstances change they can be used as guest accommodation or a home office.

In most cases, planning consent is not needed. Further advice.