‘Beat The Street’ returns to Chiswick

Sep 25th 2017

A seven-week challenge called ‘Beat the Street’ has started this week and not just in Chiswick. Play the game in Brentford, Hounslow Central, Isleworth, Heston, Cranford, Feltham, Bedfont and Hanworth.

It is a fun, free game in which people score points and win prizes by walking, cycling or running from point to point – typically lamp posts. Tap a registered and activated ‘Beat the Street’ card or fob on sensors (Beat Boxes placed on lamp posts) to record your journey.

The competition will run in Hounslow from Wednesday 20 September – Wednesday 8 November 2017

There are prizes on offer for individuals and teams. Pick up a card in libraries and leisure centres. Register here. To join a team, select the relevant category (community, workplace or school) and then select your team name.

The more people registered to your team – the higher your chance of winning a prize. Tapping just 2 Beat Boxes within an hour will earn you points.

This is a great way to get fitter and more active. How to play