‘PlayStreets’ scheme allows children to play safely outside

May 6th 2017

Can you remember a time when young children played together in traffic-free Chiswick streets? Such a common sight is forgotten by some and unknown to many. However a new initiative sees roads in Hounslow and Ealing closed to traffic for up to three hours a week as part of a nationwide drive to bring back ‘going out to play’.

‘PlayStreets’ are set up and run by residents. Your borough council provides the required documents and applies for a temporary traffic order on your behalf so that the road can be closed. There are dozens of such spaces across Hounslow and Ealing.

Setting up the first event takes around eight weeks for organisers to consult with their neighbours and process the road closure order. Once a PlayStreet has been set up it can be held monthly in the same street.

An award-winning playstreet in South Norwood.

The project is aimed at empowering residents and communities to take ownership of their streets and create places for play for children close to their homes, free from traffic and where they can get to know their neighbours.

Playing in the streets gives Children open space to play creatively and imaginatively. It is a proven, low cost way to improve levels of physical activity, and is a great way of getting children exercising without knowing it.

Apply for a PlayStreet on my Chiswick road in Hounslow or Ealing and get a starter pack with templates and an online survey to distribute to every home in the street.

VIDEO: London PlayStreet  |  How to set up a PlayStreet.