Jul 22nd 2017

The lack of dining rooms in modern homes has led to the demise of formal dining and the rise of informal kitchen suppers. The ‘dinner party’ is now as retro as lava lamps, hostess trolleys and shag-pile rugs. The nation’s habit of entertaining in the style of Beverly in Abigail’s Party, or The Good Life’s Margo [...]

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Jul 15th 2017

Location is obviously key when buying a new property, but it’s interesting to find out what additional factors are driving today’s home buyers into a new neighbourhood. Living close to shops and restaurants has topped the list of priorities house hunters will be looking for according to research undertaken by housebuilder Miller Homes. The firm [...]

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Jul 8th 2017

Natural light tops the ‘must have’ poll for family homes. The survey of 25–44 year olds in the UK also showed that a large garden is thought of as crucial for creating a good family environment. The research from Origin, asked 500 people what they see as fundamental features for comfortable family living. More than a [...]

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Sutton Court
Jul 4th 2017

Recent changes have left the buy-to-let industry in a riskier and potentially less profitable position. These changes impact an estimated 2.3 m private landlords in the UK, most of which own just one or two rental properties. Is buy-to-let still financially viable? A recent episode of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box Live is well worth a [...]

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Jun 25th 2017

Brits make a property purchase decision within just 27 minutes of viewing the property in person, according to new research. Almost a quarter of buyers (24 per cent) made their decision in 10 minutes or less, while the average Brit takes three times longer to choose a sofa (88 minutes) than a property. The research [...]

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Jun 19th 2017

Ten years on since the devastating 2007 summer floods, new YouGov research identifies a general lack of flood risk knowledge across the UK. The 2007 floods saw over 48,000 homes affected and the UK population is failing to take adequate steps to understand whether their homes are at risk. More than half (53%) of respondents from [...]

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Jun 10th 2017

The proportion of landlords who use a letting agent to help manage their property has spiked since the end of last year, according to a recent survey of property investors. Six in ten (61 per cent) landlords say they currently use a letting agent to manage their properties, a rise of seven per cent since Q4 [...]

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May 22nd 2017

New instructions reach record low as political uncertainty weighs on Chiswick’s property market, as reported on local news website Political uncertainty and stamp duty changes are being blamed for a ‘long winter’ in a W4 property market that has seen volumes and instructions fall to record lows. So far this year, fewer that 100 [...]

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May 20th 2017

At this time of year our gardens start to demand maintenance. This is often the trigger for a spring clean of the garden shed and to become reacquainted with our tools and garden possessions. With the contents of an average garden shed worth over £600, it is no surprise that they can be attractive to [...]

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May 13th 2017

It is not until we reach 41 that we turn our attention to our outdoor spaces. Although this may seem late to discover gardening, it may be a consequence of the fact that people are not able to get on the property ladder until their late thirties. Researchers took an in depth look into our gardening [...]

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