House on Silver Crescent, Chiswick. London, W4
Nov 13th 2017

Chiswick’s estate agents appear divided as to whether the rise in UK interest rates is good or bad for the moribund local property market. The increase coincided with the release of the latest W4 postcode sales figures, as reported on local news website and show little revival from the low level of activity seen over [...]

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Nov 11th 2017

The majority of Britons enjoy creating the perfect environment for spending quality time at home. Heating on, curtains drawn, a Chinese takeaway and two episodes of a Netflix series have been revealed as elements of the perfect Friday night. Researchers carried out a nationwide poll to reveal the ingredients for the ultimate Friday evening – and [...]

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Nov 6th 2017

This year it’s estimated that around 10.6 million Christmas trees, both farmed and artificial will be sold in the UK.  Artificial Christmas tree sales take off on October 30 with sales peaking in the first week of December and most Christmas trees are up and fully decorated by Monday December 4. With nearly one in [...]

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Oct 28th 2017

The Government wants to transform the house buying process to make it ‘cheaper, faster and less stressful’. Buying a property could get easier thanks to a continued drive to modernise the housing market. The Government has pledged to tackle gazumping, reduce time wasting and increase commitment to a sale. Views will be taken from everyone with [...]

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Oct 28th 2017

Autumn leaves are turning, the nights are drawing in and the winter coats are emerging. We may all feel like hibernating but for burglars this is an opportune time of year as the darkness is their cover. It is a national problem and the perpetrators are rarely caught. Of the 44,363 residential burglary cases recorded [...]

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Oct 21st 2017

Bananas, chocolate and coffee are products that we associate with fair trade but the principles extend to clothing and homewares. Fair trade businesses work closely with small farmers and artisans to ensure good wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility and economic growth. The ideals of fair trade are at the heart of Chiswick-based Artisanne, a business that [...]

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Oct 15th 2017

The average male forks out £1,304 a year on soft furnishings, scented candles and homewares, whereas women spend slightly less at £1,141. A new poll shows a generational shift, with 87 percent of men saying they are far more interested in home décor and domesticity than their father’s generation. Nearly half of British males (47 [...]

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Oct 14th 2017

Researchers took an in-depth look into the bedtime habits of the nation’s couples and discovered the stresses of modern life has resulted in 24 percent of Britons now regularly sleeping separately to their other half. According to the research by Bensons for Beds, the average parent allows their child into bed with them FIVE times [...]

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Sep 25th 2017

A seven-week challenge called ‘Beat the Street’ has started this week and not just in Chiswick. Play the game in Brentford, Hounslow Central, Isleworth, Heston, Cranford, Feltham, Bedfont and Hanworth. It is a fun, free game in which people score points and win prizes by walking, cycling or running from point to point – typically lamp posts. Tap [...]

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Sep 23rd 2017

The degree to which we’re neglecting a certain kitchen appliance means almost half of us would fail a basic food hygiene inspection. According to new research, the average British fridge hasn’t been properly cleaned for 87 days. That’s more than three times longer than the recommended length of time between cleans. Almost one in ten [...]

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