Our Fees

The Fixed fee Revolution

Almost all estate agents operate in the same was as they did fifteen years ago, charging around 2.5% (Inc VAT) of the purchase price to sell your home. With the boom of property prices that now means a £37,500 bill to sell a £1.5m property. It's frightening and now more expensive to sell your house than to buy a lovely new family car.

At Harper Finn, we don't think that's fair. So instead of charging a percentage, we charge a fixed fee.

We think it’s a better way to sell or let your home and more and more Chiswick residents agree. We are now responsible for 8% of all properties sold in Chiswick and that number is growing every year.

Our Fixed Fees

Sales View T&C's
LettingsView T&C's
House£2,399 per annum
Flat£1,199 per annum
Property ManagementView T&C's
£599 per annum

All our fees are quoted including V.A.T. meaning these are the actual fees that you will pay. No smoke. No mirrors.