Qs and As

"You charge so much less than other estate agents. Is it too good to be true?"

High street agents charge huge fees because they have huge overheads. With expensive shop rents, rates and fleets of luxury cars, no wonder only a small percentage goes on marketing your property. At Harper Finn, we don’t have those overheads and that means we can pass the savings on to you and still spend the same on marketing It’s as simple as that.

"Does a fixed fee mean you don't have any incentive to achieve a higher price?"

It’s a myth that commission provides motivation. On an average commission of 2%, every extra £1000 an agent achievesfor you will only net them an extra £2. At Harper Finn, we have a much bigger incentive. Not only is it our legal obligation to achieve the best price for you but over 83% of our business comes from recommendations so it’s vital to us that we achieve the best possible price for you. We want you to be happy to keep spreading the word.

"Some agents claim that they will deliver more enquires?"

Due to our exacting standards of property presentation, we can boast a 10.6% click through rate on Zoopla, compared to a Chiswick average of 5-6%. That means that we receive nearly double the amount of enquiries for the same property than the majority of Chiswick agents.

"Some agents claim to have more buyers who may offer more money?"

The days are long gone when agents could claim to have more buyers than others. The internet has leveled the field. Nowadays, buyers can search all properties from all agents quickly and easily whether they are on the agent’s database or not.

Any other questions?

Ask Christian Harper on his direct line 020 3137 2802.